Dear Clients!

B Three Technology would like to announce that starting 1st September 2018, all clients are required to upgrade their B3CAFE to B3 Server Version 8.0 & B3 Client Version 5.0 or above respectively. B3 Server Version below 8.0 & B3 Client Version below 5.0 will no longer be supported and automatically become deactivated. Along with the latest Smart Technology, the warning will pop up if the server is not connected to the INTERNET and system will disable in specific time. B Three Technology hereby advise all clients to upgrade the B3CAFE to B3 Server Version 8.0 & B3 Client Version 5.0 as soon as possible to avoid any technical issues, and allow us to continue serving you with the highest quality service. The B3 Server Version 8.0 & B3 Client Version 5.0 are completely free updates! Please download and install via our official website at

B3CAFE is now introducing the all new powerful feature “Smart VIP Card System”!  

Starting 5th JULY 2018, we will launch a brand new B3CAFE feature, the “Smart VIP Card System”, a strong feature that supports card nickname feature (improves convenience because card number might be too long therefore hard to memorize, clients can now use nickname instead of the card number to log in, solving forgotten log in ID issue). This also includes replacement card feature, as the existing internet café’s customer can simply apply the VIP Card to their existing account (without having to register another membership account). Clients can now scan their VIP Card to recharge credits, check information, redeem reward points etc. and most importantly, able to log in the PC with VIP Card Number or Account Name (ID), which is very convenient! Clients can choose either the B3 VIP Card Design or customize their own. The price is reasonable with quality guaranteed. Contact us for more details now!

 *To celebrate Malaysia’s National Day on 31st August 2018, B Three Technology had launched the first “Great Mega Sales & Promotions”!!! Starting 1st July 2018, by purchasing B3CAFE Billing Software:

Price at (RM2190)RM1990 and receive complimentary gift items from B3 worth up to RM1500+, package includes:

  1. B3CAFE Billing Software (Below 100 units)
  2. ID Card Reader x 1 unit
  3. Thermal Printer x 1 unit
  4. VIP Card Scanner x 1 unit
  5. VIP Card x 50 units
  6. B3 Cloud Service (99.99% uptime guaranteed)
  7. B3 Mobile APP

*Terms and Conditions Apply

 Promotion will end at 6st September 2018, B3CAFE Billing Software and B3 Cloud Service will be readjusted to its original price at RM2190 and RM88/month.

Act now! For more information, kindly contact us ASAP.


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6st JULY 2018