BIG DISCOUNT + B3 COMPANY REBATE for October 2023 Update!

Dear B3 customers!


Attention!!! Attention!!! Attention!!!

Based on the previous announcement, after October 1st, all member registration must be paired with a VIP membership card, otherwise will not be able to successfully register as a member.

In conjuction with the update in October, B3 will introduce an unprecedented limited-time discount on its products (VIP membership card)!

*10% discount (10% discount will be available permanently for old customers who repurchase afterwards)
*10% will be borne by B3 (First 20 orders placed before 31 August 2023 will receive an additional 10% rebate from B3)
*The total discount is 20% (the total discount amount is up to 20%, for example, the unit price of your total design card is RM4.50, after 20% discount, it will be RM3.60)

Offer ends before 31 August 2023! Please contact us now!

Urgent Reminder :
After 1 October 2023, the company will no longer support the B3CAFE server lower than v10.0. The v10.0 version will be available around September. It is recommended that customers arrange server upgrades in advance to avoid technical issues after October 2023. This update is to adapt the smart era, to ensure a more stable, safer, and smarter after the upgrade. We will continue striving for a better user experience, and please be reassured that we can further improve and offer the highest quality service for you.


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July 18, 2023