Activation Key Expired & Version Downgrade Fee

For your information, for those who have purchased B3CAFE Billing System on year 2017 and before but still didn't activate, the B3CAFE Billing System activation key will auto

expired at year 2019. You will no longer able to activate it and need to repurchase if want to use the system. Please make sure you activate your B3CAFE Billing System before

expired! For those who already activate, you can ignore this notice and continue enjoy using our system.

There will be a downgrade fee RM200 for the B3Cafe version downgrade from chain/cloud version to standalone version.


If you have any enquiries, please contact us directly for our assistance:


Contact Number :019-2993122(Bronson)| 012-6982883(FiSh)

Official Website:

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 (B3Cafe is the exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights relating to the products and services provided by B3Technology. Clients shall not at any time reproduce, copy, modify, reverse engineering, or any other manner on B3Technology products and services which may violate such intellectual property rights, in which B3Technology reserves the right to take legal action against such violators.)


B Three Technology

24th DECEMBER 2018