The New Way to Manage. Roam. Chain.

B3Cafe Internet Cafe Billing Management System has been invented by B3 TECHNOLOGY PLT under the R & D for years. From the perspective of enterprise management, the B3Cafe's integrated management system is keeping up with the world's top level with their advanced management software.

Who We Are

B3Cafe smart billing management system coordinates with multiple essence of internet café billing management system, such as:

✔ Flexible & Diverse rates setting

✔ Strong Membership Management

✔ General User Management

✔ Merchandize Management

✔ Remote Monitoring

✔ Internet Café Chain Management

✔ Detailed Client Login & Top-Up Record Feature

Besides that, we also support remote sales tracking function, remote function of powering up and control client pc and so on, making it ideal billing management system for internet café of any sizes.


Our History