Dear B3 Clients!


We found that the previous B3 Server Version consists of serious accounting bug/error issues, as well as vulnerability to exploit in the reward point redemption system. The issues with the accounting feature have been fixed, at the same time we had made improvement to the reward point redemption system. In order to redeem gifts by using reward point in the future, members are required  to bring the member card, swipe the member card to identify ID, select which gift to be redeemed, and finally enter the member password to confirm, which helps to achieve a double security protection.Reward point redemption system no longer supports manual input of member account ID, which will prevent the employees from directly redeem the gifts without permission by using the members’ account ID that they knew, which will cause heavy losses to the customers. Furthermore, we had modified the GST feature into SST feature in the latest B3 Server Version 8.4.


Everyone is advised to upgrade their B3 Server Version to 8.4 or above as soon as possible before encountering any issues. We had decided to extend the deadline for upgrading B3CAFE Billing Management Software to 31st November 2018, to ensure all clients have sufficient time to perform the upgrade.

Starting 1st December 2018B3 Server Version below 8.4 & B3 Client Version below 5.0 will no longer be supported.


Cloud Storage Feature: Enable the cloud storage feature will allow the back up of database to the cloud storage in real-time, saving you from trouble when local database encountered errors due to various reasons. The local database is usually stored in the customer’s local hard disk, which proven to be a great risk if it is the only storage place for database. Hard disk might be faulty after a long time usage, and the biggest problem is it might happen at any time. Without using cloud storage, when the database encountered any issues, we will have no way to restore it, and the customers must bear the risk at their own and we will not take any responsibility on it.


Attention! Attention! Attention! Any customers who have purchased the B3 software must make sure to activate the account within one year time, or else it will become invalid after exceeding the deadline. If clients have encountered unavoidable circumstances and have to temporary stop using B3CAFE Billing Management Software, such as shop undergoing renovation etc., kindly contact with us as soon as possible because the system will automatically perform activation code removal process for the server that has not been online for three consecutive monthsOtherwise, you will be required to repurchase activation code the next time you online. For those customers who had purchased more than one year but have not activated yet, please ensure to activate the account as genuine version before the end of year 2018, otherwise it will become invalid from next year (2019) onward.


As a reminder, all clients are strongly prohibited to perform any manner of deletion, modification, damaging, or connecting to third party software without permission when using B3CAFE Billing Management Software. Any violators caught and once verified, B Three Technology will immediately terminate the related client’s account activation code and will reserves the right to take any legal actions necessary. 


Great news! B Three Technology has recently launched its official Facebook page! All information/news/announcement in the future will directly be announced via our Facebook page, along with B3CAFE Billing Management Software related tutorial videos which will be uploaded regularly, just open your Facebook and search for ‘B3CAFE – Internet Café Billing Management System’ / , then click ‘Like’, so next time you won’t miss out any updates!



The B3 Server Version 8.4/above & B3 Client Version 5.0/above are completely free updates! Please download and install via our official website at


If you have any enquiries, please contact us directly for our assistance:


Contact Number :019-2993122(Bronson)| 012-6982883(FiSh)

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 (B3Cafe is the exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights relating to the products and services provided by B3Technology. Clients shall not at any time reproduce, copy, modify, reverse engineering, or any other manner on B3Technology products and services which may violate such intellectual property rights, in which B3Technology reserves the right to take legal action against such violators.)


B Three Technology

27th SEPTEMBER 2018