No More Free Exchange From B3CAFE Standalone Version to B3CAFE Cloud Version after 31st August 2020

Dear B3 Customers,

If you are still using B3CAFE Standalone Version, call us NOW! We only provide free exchange from B3CAFE Standalone Version to B3CAFE Cloud Version before 1/9/2020! On 1/9/2020 and onwards, B3CAFE Standalone Version no longer can be used, after that, either existing or new customers must purchase B3CAFE Cloud Version at RM2190 with pay for 1 year/2 years of Cloud subscription.

Contact us to inform whether you would like to subscribe to Cloud for 1 year or 2 years, and we will issue invoice for you to make payment. Once payment is made, arrangement will be made according to availability, and might take up to 3 days to arrange for activation and upgrade to Cloud Version, so customers must not contact us last minute to avoid any business losses due to unable arrange schedule on time.


Cloud subscription fee is RM68/month, minimum subscription period is 1 year/ 2 years.

Subscribe for 2 years to enjoy additional 3 months for free.


Don’t wait any longer! Contact us now!


B Three Technology

19th August 2020