☞Internet Cafe Owner Must See☜

♕Customized Exclusive VIP Member Card♔

➹Top 18 Benefits & Features➹

1) Complete Member Reward Point & Reward Redemption System
-Members can use the accumulated reward point to redeem rewards.
-Successfully redeemed top up credits will be recorded and auto top up to the member’s account, but will not added to the total sales.
-Successfully redeemed commodities will be recorded, and will auto deduct from the commodities list in system, but will not added to the total sales.

2) Members can choose their own preferred account login ID
-Compared to the market, usually a member has to use his lengthy VIP Member Card number to log in. However, we allow our customers to choose their own preferred account login ID, so it is not mandatory to memorize the lengthy VIP Member Card number to login.

3) Reward Redemption Security
-Members need to scan their VIP Member Card to redeem reward. After selected the desired reward, password members are required to key in the password, which will protect the members who lost their VIP Member Card, avoiding unauthorized reward redemption, thus achieving double protection.

4) Access member’s information with a simple scan
-Members can directly go to the cashier to scan the VIP Member Card. After scanned, it will show the member’s details (account, nickname, balance, reward points, last login time, etc.) Owner can also customized and choose what details to be shown.

5) Scan to top up (Previous top up with account ID method still available)
-Members can simply scan the VIP Member Card to top up, avoiding loss due to top up to wrong account, which is much more convenient and faster. At the same time, members can still use their login ID to top up.

6) Scan VIP Member Card to show Happy Birthday wishes
-When it is the member’s birthday, he/she will be shown a happy birthday wishes pop up message at the cashier after scan the VIP Member Card, and the internet cafe owner can customized on the birthday special offer.

7) Scan VIP Member Card to login account (This function can choose to be turned on or off too)
-Members need to go to the cashier to scan VIP Member Card and activate their account before they login PC, this function can choose to be turned on or off.

8)Set the VIP Member Card opening fee and bonus credit amount
-You can set the fee for each VIP Member Card opening, and also the bonus amount to give away.

9) Existing VIP Member Card replacement
-Existing member who have previously registered without a VIP Member Card, can simply reissue VIP Member Card without affecting the member’s current top up balance and details. Members who have lost their VIP Member Card can also reissue another VIP Member Card in the same way.

10) Excellent profit
-When a new member sign up, the owner is guaranteed to earn additional income, because the profit is more than 100% when comparing the member opening VIP Member Card fee and the VIP Member Card production cost.

11) VIP status
-Everyone has the sense of pride. Owning a VIP Member Card after sign up as member, allowing members to feel valued, and helps increase the customer loyalty.

12) Unique & exclusive design, a walking advertisement
-Customized your one & only unique VIP Member Card design, creating your own brand, a portable advertisement that allowing customers to take away and advertise your brand for free.

13) Retain existing customers, greatly increase new customers
-The internet cafe market competition is getting tougher. When the competitors are improving while we are not, we will gradually lose customers and cause the business to decline. If you offer better benefits compared to your competitors, do the customers have reasons not to choose you?

14) Keep up with software trends
-All B3CAFE new features in the future will be binding with the VIP Member Card, such as scanning face for 0.5sec to login with FACEID, members’ mobile phone APP features etc. Be prepared now so you can take the lead!

15) National Lucky Draw
-In the future there will be National Lucky Draw exclusively for B3CAFE VIP Card members, as long as members with the POWERED BY B3CAFE VIP Card can participate in the lucky draw, and win wonderful prizes!

16) Customized the reward redemption plan for free
-Free! Free! Free! Customized the rewards redemption suitable for your internet cafe according to the market trend.

17) Free customized settings & teach till you got it
-We will specially customized all your settings for free, and teach you how to use them and ensure you fully understand, you have no reason to be worry!

18) Best quality & after-sales services guaranteed
-We are utilizing better materials compared to the market in producing and designing the VIP Member Card,the quality is 10⭐guaranteed,and we provide 11⭐after-sales services!

If the VIP Member Card can help to boost your SALES to the maximum, do you want it?

When you decided to take the first step, you have successfully accomplishing to most difficult part. Let B3 do the rest for you!