All New October! All New v10.0 Version! All New 10 Big Features!

Important Announcement! B3CAFE Advanced Upgrade is finally here! A major update after three years!

Dear customer!

To ensure B3CAFE can always keep pace with the times, we are now introducing the all-new major upgrades!

The latest version update will be focusing on the internet cafes’ user experience, to create a win-win situation where internet cafe owners are able to earn profit while keeping customers happy.

The latest B3CAFE v10.0 version updates will be introducing the following important features:

1) The all-new Boss Cloud System (The brand new look and enhancement from the previous cloud system, with more features unlocked!)
2) VIP Member App (Internet Cafe customers will be able to download app and login as member to access various features, such as to check balance, top up, redeem rewards, and to sign in with QR code)
3) Boss Notification Feature (Internet Cafe Owners can send any promotion or announcement messages to their VIP members)
4) Third-Party payment options unlocked (the owners can choose to let customers to make payment using other payment software such as TNG, Alipay, Grabpay, etc.)
5) Broadcasting Feature (Internet Cafe can choose to broadcast welcome announcement when a specific level of VIP member signing in their PC)
6) FNB System Upgrade (Internet Cafe can now choose to allow members to use their top up balance to pay item at the cashier without signing in the PC)
7) Power ON/OFF Billing Feature (Newly added Power ON/OFF billing feature, suitable for PS5, Snooker, internet cafe timed aircond etc., or others that can be controlled by switching ON/OFF power supply.
8) VIP Member System Upgrade (a more user-friendly VIP Member level up system, emphasizing the different benefits and services provided according to membership level)
9) Reward Point System Upgrade (Reward Points and Redeem options will be more convenient and diversified, at the same time will be customized accordingly in conjunction with VIP Member App)
10) Full System Optimization (Fully optimized and improved system according to all previous error reports/details/functions)

*The B3Server(Cashier) operating features are subject to changes after the update:

-After careful considerations by the team, in order to eliminate any future security vulnerability and BUG issues, after this system version update, all customers must have VIP Membership Card in order to register as VIP member, otherwise they will not be able to register as VIP member (After registered as VIP member, they can download VIP Member APP to bind the VIP Membership card. After that, the VIP members are no longer needed to show their VIP Membership Card while enjoying the same features by using the APP). Previously registered VIP members without VIP Membership Card will not be affected for the time being, but will not be able to use the all-new VIP Member APP.

B3 VIP Membership Card system has been widely used for the past 5 years, currently there are still 20%-30% of customers have not started in using it. Our company sincerely invites these customers to contact us as soon as possible to understand the benefits of VIP Membership Card system and to get a hand on VIP Membership Cards in advance to be ready for v10.0 version system update and avoid any losses! (In conjunction with this update, we will provide super discounts to customers who contact us to purchase membership cards before July, and then will back to original price)

The new version v10.0 is expected to be available for download by the customers on our official website in this August.

After 1st October 2023, we will no longer support B3CAFE Server version lower than v10.0. It is recommended that all customers to update their B3CAFE Server to v10.0 or above in advance to avoid any server unable to run issue. This latest update is to adapt with the current SMART systems era, which allow us to provide a more stable, secure, SMART, and better user experience, ensuring that we can further improve and provide the highest quality of services for you.

October 2023, all-new v10.0 version, 10 brand new major features will be launched subsequently! Stay tuned!


B Three Technology

07 MAY 2023