Announcement: Alibaba Cloud Server Down

Dear B3 Customer!

B Three Technology would like to inform all customers that Alibaba Cloud is now experiencing large-scale server down, and the following services are affected and will be temporarily unavailable:

  • Cloud System
  • Chain System
  • VIP Card Scanner
  • Remote Monitoring System
  • Mobile APP Remote Monitoring System

The Alibaba Cloud’s team had begun their comprehensive investigation. Results show that the ECS in available areas of North China is facing technical error which caused Alibaba Cloud Server in multiple countries to experience malfunction.

B3 has continuously urged Alibaba Cloud Team to expedite on their repair process as soon as possible so that B3 is able to immediately connect and backup the data once the Alibaba Cloud Server is back online. Alibaba Cloud engineers have repaired the Alibaba Cloud server of the big companies and are now currently repairing the Alibaba Cloud Server of the other companies.

B3 recommends all customers to backup all data manually within these 48 hours just in case. Once there is any new progress we will inform you immediately, if you have further enquiries, please do not hesitate to ask us!

This issue has caused trouble and inconvenience to more than 1,000 B3 customers nationwide. B3 would like to express our sincere apologies, and we hope that you will give us another chance and we look forward to continue serve you in the future.

B Three Technology

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