Dear B3 Clients!

B Three Technology would like to thank you for your continuous support, and this New Year 2019 we wish you luck, prosperity and health, and it would be our pleasure to continue serving you.

In order to maintain the superior standard of our products and services that you deserve, please be informed that starting 1st March 2019, services fee are having adjustment to the following per-request B3 services:

B3 Services                                                                         Service Fee

1) Change Server Computer Code                                     RM100/time

2) Recover Database Admin Password                             RM100/time

3) Repair Database                                                               RM300 /time

4) B3CAFE Downgrade (From Cloud To Standard)          RM500/time

4) B3CAFE Cloud (Standalone)                                            RM68/month

5) B3CAFE Cloud (Chain)                                                      RM80/month

6) Reactivation Fee(Payment After Cloud Expired)          RM200/time


Friendly Reminder: 

-[B3CAFE Cloud/Chain Version] : After the Cloud expired, [B3CAFE] will no longer able to operate. Failure to renew within 1 month will cause activation code to be automatically deleted, and will require to repurchase when customer would like to use it again. 
-[B3CAFE Standalone Version] : Will be automatically deleted if do not connect to the Internet within 3 months period, and will require to repurchase when customer would like to use it again. 


 *Rest assured, existing customers who have previously subscribed cloud service with us will auto retain the original subscription price permanently.

If you have any enquiries, please contact us directly for our assistance!


Contact Number :019-2993122(Bronson)| 012-6982883(FiSh)

Official Website:https://b3technology.com.my


We will continue serving you with brand new and exceptional products and services, hope you have a wonderful year ahead!


B Three Technology

18th January 2019