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The software is designed according to the actual Internet cafe management needs on permission classification system management.

Premium Features

The administrator can now achieve different permissions operation and meet multi-level management needs, such as remote monitoring and operating the client’s computer, prohibit the client to run certain programs, customized your own rate settings, regional settings, set billing, management and set link, to provide a flexible set up to meet the diverse forms of modern internet café management needs.

Its features can be set to Internet users under the age of 12, as well as to solve the truancy problems such as: Morning session student is prohibited to login in the morning and vice versa to reduce the tendency of truancy. B3Café Software provides a variety of management functions that enable the users to choose the payment methods by setting it via pre-paid payment, post-paid payment or placing a deposit in advance according to the customers favor; creation of temporary or membership accounts for different users, can also manually reboot customers computer on the server side remotely. B3Café Software according to Internet Café is according the actual networking features to remotely install software, remote boot, remote shutdown, remote reboot, remote recharge, remote limit, and other useful features.