We know that you have excellent products and services, and we know that you have something to offer clients that your competitors don’t. However, did you successfully reach your potential customers?

The number of advertising platforms available to you can make your head spin and concern about your budget.

You don’t need to use every available media choices to create successful advertising campaign to reach out for your potential customers, and by narrowing your choices down to the RIGHT advertising platform will guarantee to give you a better result.

B Three Technology is now introducing the ultimate advertising platform, B3 Advertising Platform that will help you reach out for more potential customers by utilizing our effective branding through cyber cafes.

NO 1 in Malaysia

B3CAFE is the number 1 choice for the best Billing Management System among all the cyber cafes.

Open for 24/7

Most of our clients’ cyber cafes are open for 24/7, so rest assured that your advertising campaigns are working throughout this period.

On-Screen Advertising

All you need to do is provide us your advertising materials, including the duration of advertisement and its category. Once approved, and we shall get it started immediately.

1200++ happy customers

currently we have more than 1200++ happy customers throughout Malaysia.

50000++ Display PCs

B3 will display your advertisement on all PCs within the cyber cafes. The advertisement of your choice will be displayed in the form of screensaver

Big/Small business

whether you have a big business or an individual, we can help you reach for more potential customers.


For the first 10,000 units of PCs subscribed to B3 Advertising Platform, the advertising package price will be:

  • Video = RM 1200/sec
  • Picture = RM 1000/sec
  • Ads Pool = RM 200/sec

These are the available packages to be chosen. The packages price will be adjusted according to how many cyber café PC units have successfully subscribed with B3 Advertising Platform and will display your advertisement at the cyber café on daily basis.


No Advertising Category Time Limit(s)
1 Food & Beverages 40
2 Telecommunication/E-commerce 40
3 Cinemas 40
4 Online Games 40
5 Phone Apps 40
6 PC Products & Accessories 40
7 Gaming Events & Tournament 40
8 Phone Products & Accessories 30
9 Gaming Series Product 30
10 Entertainment & Leisure 30
11 Fashion 30
12 Transportation/Motor Vehicle 30
13 Accommodation & Lodging 30
14 Bank/Insurance/Loan & Investment 30
15 Payment Gateways 20
16 Petrol Filling Stations 20
17 Property 20
18 Medical, Science & Education 20
19 Ads Pool(8/8):Hiring/Announcement/Seeking 10
20 Other Goods 20

*Do let us know your desired contract period you would like to join B3 Advertising Platform too.

*You have the choices to sign up for 1 month, 3 months , 6 months etc.

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